To Demonstrate The Technology Of Landing On The Moon, Japan Is Said To Launch A Rocket

Recently, India successfully launched a probe to land on the south pole of the moon, which has become a hot topic in the astronomy community. In fact, Japan is also preparing to launch a probe to land on the moon, and it is expected to be launched on Monday.

Japan’s JAXA plans to land on the moon this time with an X-ray spectroscopic imaging satellite called XRISM and a small lunar landing demonstration machine called SLIM, which will be sent to space by the H-IIA rocket. However, the launch originally scheduled for today needs to be postponed to August 28 due to weather problems.

The purpose of launching XRISM this time is mainly to replace the HITOMI astronomical satellite launched in 2016, while SLIM is used to verify moon landing technology, especially the technology of precise landing on slopes. There will be a deformable lunar robot SORA on it. – Q, conduct various lunar surface analyzes to study the evolution of the universe.

Sakai Shinichiro, a member of the SLIM moon landing project team, congratulated India after successfully landing on the moon earlier, saying that the moon landing is still a very difficult technology, and they will spare no effort to carry out the moon landing mission.

However, Japan’s JAXA tried to land on the moon last year but was unsuccessful, and the new rocket also failed in the test last month. It remains to be seen whether this time it can get rid of the shadow of previous failures.


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