Tesla Model Y Police Version Officially On The Road In The United States, Improving Energy Consumption When Parking

The electric car modification company “Unplugged Performance” released their first Tesla Model Y police vehicle, named “UPfit”, and made an appearance at the “Tesla Takeover” official conference earlier.

During the press conference, Unplugged Performance announced that their UPfit police car will deliver Tesla Model Y police cars to South Pasadena, California, the first city in the United States to replace the entire police car fleet with electric vehicles.

As a public vehicle, switching to electric vehicles can save taxpayers costs and improve air quality. Police cars need to be kept running to support on-board electronics and be ready to respond to emergencies at all times. Therefore, 60{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172} of the fuel in a police car that is generally refueled is consumed in normal times. Electric vehicles can use less energy to power all electronic devices.

The “UPfit” police car produced by Unplugged Performance can also connect with Tesla’s basic equipment from electrical, security, lighting, and charging technologies. With a focus on reliability, the police car has undergone various rigorous tests, including high altitudes and extremely high temperature environments.

Unplugged Performance CEO, Ben Schaffer says their role has always been to push all vehicles to the limit, and now it’s for police vehicles. Tesla police cars need to provide the strongest, safest and most comfortable environment for police officers to work.

The Tesla electric car has evolved from being just a technologically good idea in theory to possessing key qualities that support low-cost operations, high uptime, infrastructure, and more.

James Hedland, director of the Unplugged Performance fleet, said that choosing Tesla as the special patrol vehicle platform proved their excellent design engineering and mature performance. Provide law enforcement units with cutting-edge, reliable and sustainable law enforcement solutions through Tesla technology.


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