E-bike Fusion With ChatGPT Has A Built-in Smart Assistant To Interact With Users

The emergence of ChatGPT not only gradually integrates into life, but also becomes a good helper for human beings. But ChatGPT can respond to various questions fluently, write articles, check and adjust code, etc.

Have you ever thought that ChatGPT can also be equipped with electric bicycles and become a new partner of “smart” electric bicycles. This idea comes from the German brand Urtopia.

Their new electric bicycle Fusion is equipped with ChatGPT to combine the bicycle with new technology, but its price has yet to be determined.

Urtopia Fusion is the world’s first e-bike integrated with ChatGPT. To put it simply, ChatGPT is implanted in the bicycle body and becomes the role of the bicycle’s intelligent assistant.

Whether it is querying driving directions, weather forecasts, or conducting daily conversations, this “thinking” electric bicycle can interact with users. That’s why Urtopia calls it a “thinking” e-bike.

In addition to having a conversational communication function, Urtopia Fusion can also be connected with health applications such as Apple Health and Strava. Let users have a deeper understanding of their body data during cycling.

Since this electric bicycle has built-in ChatGPT, all users can analyze relevant data through it, and adjust the bicycle settings in real time according to the data, so as to improve exercise efficiency and user experience.

This brand new smart electric bicycle not only extends the advantages of artificial intelligence to travel convenience, but also provides users with unprecedented data analysis capabilities for healthy sports.


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