Electric Cars Of Sony And Honda Will Have A “Killer” Feature

The announcement of a partnership between Sony and Honda to jointly develop electric vehicles is the strangest thing in the car industry. The first electric vehicle under the Afeela brand is expected to launch in 2026, but before consumers can touch this curious vehicle, the company has shown the prototype in the US to the media and the public.

Recently, car news site jalopnik had the opportunity to approach such a prototype in Qualcomm headquarters. Thereby, seeing the vision of the two companies in turning electric cars into an entertainment space for the driver and passengers. Using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis to operate the secure support system, and working with Epic Games to design the graphical interface.

Not only that, the representative of the joint venture between Sony and Honda also revealed that they want to put PlayStation games on the car. This is considered a “trump card” for the company to compete in the electric vehicle market with more and more names participating.

They wanted to bring a new and unique experience, based on Sony’s own entertainment platform. In addition to games, there are also music and movies, anime that the Japanese corporation owns a huge content copyright store.

If Afeela turns into a real entertainment space, Sony can promote its services and content business to customers, thereby creating a stable income.

In terms of software design, the car is considered a “4-wheel smartphone”. They do not rule out the possibility of designing the system software themselves, besides considering using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. What is important is the customer’s response, if the self-developed system meets the needs well, they are ready to pursue it. Investing in software systems allows manufacturers to integrate desired services and make more profits, instead of “bleeding” cash flow into the hands of Google or Apple.

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