OpenAI Founder: AI Risks Must Be Managed To Bring Benefits To Medicine, Science And Education

Sam Altman, founder of the artificial intelligence start-up company OpenAI, admitted at the Bloomberg Technology Summit held in San Francisco that technological change does have potential risks, but the development of AI generally does more good than harm to human society, saying that AI Benefits in medicine, science and education.

Sam Altman believes that the development of AI can solve the problem of poverty, but humans must manage the risks it brings. Asked whether his position would be tied to OpenAI’s profits, Sam Altman denied it and said he had enough money.

He added that it is human nature to want to do meaningful things. “I think this is going to be the most important step that humanity has to take in technology.”

In recent months, Sam Altman has also publicly pushed for greater regulation of AI, often speaking with officials around the world about the responsible management of AI.

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