The New BMW X5L With Stronger Power Is Expected To Be Officially Put Into Production In September

Recently, the new Chinese BMW X5L has attracted a lot of attention in the industry. It is reported that this model will be put into production at BMW Brilliance Shenyang Dadong factory in September this year, and it will be exclusively supplied to the Chinese market.

The new X5L has been upgraded in terms of appearance and interior, and the power has also been slightly improved. As a mid-term facelift model, the new X5L has been adjusted for its styling. The front face adopts a more atmospheric kidney grille, and the body lines are smoother.

The interior is also expected to be upgraded to a dual-screen design like the overseas version, which enhances the sense of technology and luxury.

It is worth mentioning that the new X5L continues to provide two versions of 30Li and 40Li, respectively using a 2.0T engine and a 3.0T straight-six engine. At the same time, a mild hybrid system composed of 48V motors is added, and the maximum engine power is 258 horsepower/381 horsepower.

Compared with the current model, it has been slightly increased by 13Ps/48Ps. Such power performance can meet consumers’ needs for driving experience, and it is also more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

As a high-end SUV model, X5L has always been favored by consumers. After the localization, thanks to the reduction of labor and raw material costs, the price of X5L has dropped compared with before, the cost performance has been further improved, and the sales volume has been increasing steadily.

It can be seen that the launch of the new domestically produced X5L will further enhance BMW’s competitiveness in the Chinese market and meet consumers’ needs for high quality, high performance and high technology.

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