Tesla iOS App Is Updated To Support Siri Shortcuts And Voice Control Function

A few days ago, Tesla released an update to its iOS program. The most important change is to support Apple’s shortcuts. iPhone users can instruct their cars to perform a series of functions as long as they use the voice assistant Siri.

The new version 4.24.0 landed on the App Store on the past Saturday, and Tesla didn’t make a big fuss. It just wrote “Access your vehicle controls and climate control from the Apple Shortcuts app” in the update.

Tesla owners who use the iPhone have always been able to use the mobile phone program to remotely perform a large number of functions.

Now with the addition of shortcut support, users can use the “Hey Siri” password on the iPhone or Apple Watch to directly perform individual functions with voice remote control, without having to open it again Tesla mobile app and manual controls.

Supported Siri shortcuts include locking and unlocking the car, opening and closing the front and rear trunks, opening the charging port cover, starting and stopping charging, activating and disabling Sentry Mode and Pet Mode, and other basic functions.


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