Singapore Airlines Will Be The First To Offer Free Wi-Fi Service, Starts Operation In July

In an era when almost everyone holds a smart phone, many people’s lives are already inseparable from the Internet. When they take a plane to a foreign country, the uncomfortable feeling of being cut off from the Internet is particularly strong.

If you are someone who cannot disconnect from the Internet, you may want to consider Singapore Airlines next time you travel abroad, because they just announced that they will provide free Wi-Fi service to all passengers.

Singapore Airlines recently announced that starting from July 1 this year, it will provide unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi service to all passengers, including premium economy class and economy class.

At present, many airlines have Wi-Fi service on passenger planes, but it is only provided to first-class and business-class passengers, or to some passengers who pay and use specific telecommunications providers.

Singapore Airlines is believed to be the first major airline to offer in-flight Wi-Fi to all passengers. Singapore Airlines said that providing high-speed Wi-Fi service on flights has become one of the most important requirements of customers.

Providing free unlimited Wi-Fi to passengers is a milestone in Singapore Airlines’ continuous efforts to provide an excellent point-to-point travel experience.

Except for the 7 Boeing 737-800NG models that do not have Wi-Fi, the above services will be provided on all Singapore Airlines aircraft from July 1.


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