BMW Releases 2024 BMW 5 Series, Bringing Pure Electric Models For The First Time

The eighth-generation BMW 5 Series was officially released overseas, corresponding to what we often call the standard axle version, which will be launched in October this year.

The new 5 Series will launch a fuel version and the series’ first pure electric model i5, both of which have basically the same shape, the difference lies in the material of the “double kidney” grille and the choice of opening and closing.

The size of the i5 new car is 5060/1900/1515mm, and the wheelbase is 2995mm. Compared with the previous model, the length, width and height are increased by 97mm, 32mm, and 36mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 20mm longer. The fuel version will be lower.

The fuel version includes 530i and 540i xDrive, both of which are equipped with a 48V light-hybrid system. The former is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine (255 horsepower), rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are optional, and the starting price is 58,900 US dollars.

The latter is equipped with a dual-supercharged 3.0T Six-cylinder engine (375 horsepower), four-wheel drive only, and a starting price of $65,900.

The pure electric version of Drive40 is equipped with a 335-horsepower rear motor, M60 xDrive dual-motor design, with a total horsepower of 590, both matching 84.3-degree lithium batteries, 205Kw fast charging, rear-drive EPA battery life is about 475 kilometers, starting price is 67,800 US dollars, and four-wheel drive battery life is about 475 kilometers. 412 kilometers, the starting price is 85,100 US dollars.

The interior adopts a 12.3-inch instrument panel + 14.9-inch central control screen curved surface integrated design, matching iDrive8.5 car-machine system, touch-sensitive air- conditioning buttons, flat-bottomed steering wheel, etc.

The entertainment system supports the mobile phone as a handle to play 20 games, and the car machine supports Carplay and Android Auto.

BMW also confirmed that a plug-in hybrid version will be added to the 5 Series in 2024.

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