Famous Fast Food Chain Testing AI Chatbot To Replace Waiters, Extremely Strict Requirements

The rise of AI and chatbots continues and is more explosive than ever, and even in the future, many predict that they will continue to become even more popular.

Not only being applied in many fields, chatbots or AI are also threatening to replace the jobs of many people. For example, recently, the famous fast food chain Wendy’s has just put to the test a new AI chatbot technology that will replace all service staff.

Specifically, according to information from the Wall Street Journal, the test will take place in June at one of Wendy’s stores in Columbus, Ohio. The goal is to make customers believe they are talking to a real employee, instead of a chatbot. Wendy’s herself worked with Google on the specifics.

The company’s CEO, Todd Penegor believes that the use of AI, chatbots to replace waiters is mainly to optimize time, streamline the ordering process and prevent waiting lines. Crowds make customers impatient. It is known that Wendy’s is building its software based on the language model from Google.

Wendy’s chatbot and AI requirements are also extremely strict when it will have to be designed to understand the accents and nuances in human speech. In addition, it must understand terms and abbreviations specific to Wendy’s products.

But more importantly, designers will have to make sure their AI knows how to distinguish a customer’s voice from background noise, whether it be a song on the radio or the voices of children. sit in the car. Of course, this AI must also be programmed to sell more to customers with size options, special requirements and specified price lists.

Of course, efficiency still needs time to answer, but surely, Wendy’s is very determined in applying AI and chatbot to its sales system. However, many people are concerned that at the beginning there may be some errors, such as coffee without sugar, but the AI still gives sugar.

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