WeChat Introduces Palm-swipe Feature To Make Payment

WeChat registered multiple technical patents for palm payment earlier, and officially released the WeChat palm payment function on Sunday (21st).

According to the official introduction, WeChat palm payment can adapt to different lighting environments and the physiological differences of users’ palm prints, and can quickly recognize even in the face of different hand-reaching habits.

Palm payment can be used in a series of scenarios such as daily shopping payment, company punch card, access control identification, and public transportation payment.

Since the palm-swipe payment supports space sensing, it is faster than fingerprint recognition and can avoid the health risks caused by physical contact.

The palm print payment can be untied from the mobile phone, so that the user does not need to use the mobile phone during the entire palmprint recognition process, and can complete the entire operation process even without carrying the mobile phone.

Beijing Rail Transit Daxing Airport Line announced on Sunday (21st) that it supports the palm-swipe ride service. After users complete the palmprint recognition binding, they only need to swipe their palms to ride.


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