Tesla Robots Can Now Learns Human Movements, Training AI To Recognize Objects And Have Memory

Yesterday (17th), Tesla uploaded a video of its humanoid robot Tesla Bot, showing the development process of Tesla Bot. Now Tesla Bot can walk forward slowly. In addition, it can also pick up objects and identify objects.

Tesla Bot is a humanoid robot released by Tesla on AI Day last year. At that time, Tesla only showed the engineering version of the Tesla Bot. Last year, the Tesla Bot needed to be supported by a bracket, and it could not move forward. It could only simply wave.

The video just uploaded by Tesla shows that Tesla Bot can perform more complex tasks after being updated, such as finely controlling the strength of the robotic arm, having environmental sensing and memory functions, and using human body movements to train robot AI.

Elon Musk revealed on AI Day last year that there are two concerns when developing a humanoid robot: “manufacturing cost” and “being able to interact with the real world.”

Elon Musk expects Tesla Bot to sell for about US$20,000 after mass production. Tesla will use Tesla Bot to provide productivity for factories in the future.

Elon Musk also joked that in the past, someone made fun of Tesla for installing 4 wheels on the computer as a car. Now, “we only need to install 2 legs on the computer to make a robot.”

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