Volkswagen Applies For A New Patent For A Mobile Tablet That Can Change The Dashboard Of A Car

Volkswagen recently submitted a patent to the German Patent and Trademark Office, showing that it is working on a detachable car dashboard, and supports the use of mobile phones and tablets as car dashboards.

VW eliminated the dashboard in the manner shown in the patent drawing. Users can choose to place a device with a larger size and stronger performance as a dashboard, or even directly transform a smartphone or tablet into a dashboard.

The detachable display can be used to process more information, such as navigation, media control, car phone and other functions.

However, in order to display the car standard information without being affected by external devices, behind this movable screen, there is a display screen showing basic information, such as speed, energy consumption, fault lights and other driving information.

Volkswagen said the detachable instrument panel and driver information display will allow users to continuously update the car’s software without affecting the operation of the vehicle.

The user only needs to download the specified App on the mobile device, and if the vehicle supports Bluetooth, NFC, and network connection, the above-mentioned interaction can be realized between the mobile phone and the vehicle.

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