Japan’s Research And Development Of Tooth Regeneration Drugs Will Be Launched In July Next Year With The Goal Of Clinical Testing In 2030

The Japanese media “Mainichi Shimbun” reported earlier that local researchers are developing a drug that allows people to grow new teeth, and clinical trials are expected to begin in July next year.

Director of Dentistry and Oral Surgery at Kitano Hospital, Dr. Takahashi Katsura, who is in charge of this research project, said that growing new teeth is the dream of every dentist. He started research when he was a graduate student, and he is confident that he can achieve his goal.

Takahashi Ke said that the new drug will help treat people who do not have complete permanent teeth due to congenital factors. It is expected that the drug will be available to the public in 2030. If the clinical test is successful, this will be the first drug in the world that can allow patients to grow back their teeth Drug.

According to reports, Takahashi Katsushita began research with Kyoto University in 2005. He discovered that there is a special gene in mice that can affect tooth growth. He published the results in a scientific journal in 2021. As long as the gene antibody USAG-1 is inhibited, it will Helps stimulate tooth growth.

The researchers then experimented with blocking USAG-1 neutralizing antibody drugs on mice and ferrets. As a result, these animals were able to grow new teeth.

According to the Cleveland Dental Clinic in the United States, the new drug can help patients who also have a rare genetic disorder edentulous, they may lack milk or permanent teeth, the number of missing six or more teeth.

Katsushita Takahashi offers an alternative to wearing dentures or implants for people without complete teeth. “Daily News” means that after the drug has passed the test, the researchers hope to first apply it to the treatment of edentulous children aged 2 to 6.


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