Howard County School Sues Social Media Companies For Causing Mental Health Problems Among Students In The United States

The influence of social platforms on young people has been quite controversial for many years.

Recently, a school in the United States sued several social platform companies, accusing them of causing a “mental health crisis” for students.

The Howard County School District in Maryland recently sued Meta, Google, Snap, and ByteDance, arguing that their social platform products have caused a “mental health crisis” for students, and that these social platforms are “addictive and dangerous” and have changed students. patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

In the lawsuit, the school district explained that the recommended content mechanism of these social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok, will cause “dopamine trigger rewards”, which means that endless content will be provided due to the habits of users, which will ” Create a harmful cycle of repeated and excessive use of products”, promote “negative social comparison”, lead to students’ physical inferiority complex, and related psychological and even physical diseases.

Several tech companies have denied the allegations, saying they have implemented sufficient measures to remove inappropriate content and have included age restrictions to keep immature children from adult content.

However, at present, many states in the United States are considering implementing stricter laws, requiring social platforms to adopt stricter age control measures.


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