Owner Calls Police When He Finds Out Why Cat Refuses To Get Out Of Sink

When Sandra discovered her cat Missy in the sink that morning, she didn’t give it much thought. It had never been in there before, to her knowledge, and it appeared that the animal was now unwilling to exit the sink at any cost. Sandra could hardly believe it when she learned why this happened.

She needed help with this immediately!

The Police Are Coming

The police moved quickly to get to Sandra. She had temporarily locked her cat Missy in another room and was impatiently awaiting the officers’ arrival at her home. All she could do was hope that it wasn’t what she had assumed it to be.

No More Wasting Time

But the officers quickly drove that hope into the ground as it did not take them long to determine that something was seriously wrong here. They needed to enter Sandra’s house’s sewers right away. There was no more time to waste.

They arrived too late

Sandra is stunned that she was unaware of this earlier. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if she had responded when Missy had first entered the sink.

Sandra’s cat was in the sink, but why? What would the police find in the sewer and why did she feel the need to call the police?

There was no sign of Missy

Missy, Sandra’s cat, would typically rush to her bedroom door as soon as it opened, hoping for food and attention. Sandra was the only companion for the indoor cat since there were only the two of them residing in the home. The animal, however, was not around today.

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