Harvard Computer Professor Plans To Use Artificial Intelligence To Correct Students’ Homework

Since the artificial intelligence chat robot ChatGPT became popular, people have tried to integrate ChatGPT in different fields, hoping to improve and increase efficiency.

The discussion on whether artificial intelligence should be used in the university environment usually focused on whether students can use ChatGPT to assist in submitting reports.

Some universities accepted it, and some universities stated that they would not allow students to use artificial intelligence to assist in homework.

However, Bloomberg reported that David Malan, a professor of computer science at Harvard University and the online learning platform edX, said that artificial intelligence will be introduced to correct students’ homework.

The Harvard professor pointed out that due to the popularity of his CS50 course, hundreds of on-campus students and 40,000 online course students sign up for the class every semester.

Although his team has nearly 100 teaching assistants, he faces 40,000 students from different students in time zones, the pressure of correcting homework is overwhelming for the team, and it is also difficult to provide students with personalized learning support. That’s why Malan decided to introduce artificial intelligence.

The team plans to adjust the artificial intelligence system that corrects homework. At the same time, it will test virtual teaching assistants to evaluate students’ programming homework and find mistakes, and then ask students questions and learning suggestions.

Malan believes that the inclusion of artificial intelligence in the curriculum is a good example of the benefits this technology can bring to education, especially in terms of improving the quality of the curriculum.

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