Lenovo Remains The Best-selling PC And Laptop Manufacturer Today, Followed By HP, Dell And Apple

Lenovo is still the leader in the PC and laptop market, selling more than 18.3 million units in the first quarter of 2022.

This is data released by market analysis firm IDC that shows that Lenovo is led with 22.7{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172} market share of PCs and laptops in Q1 2022, down from 23.7{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172} a year earlier.

HP is second with 15.8 million units, down from 19.2 million units in the first quarter of 2021, while Dell is third with 13.7 million units. Apple is far behind with 13.7 million units. Overall, the PC and laptop manufacturing industry as a whole sold 80.5 million units in the first quarter of 2022, down 5.1{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172} year-on-year.

“It is not advisable to focus on the annual decline in the number of PCs and laptops because that has been predicted in advance. The focus should be on the PC industry to ship more than 80 million PCs at a time when logistics and supply chains are still a mess, with challenges related to geopolitics and the pandemic.,” said Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC.

“We have seen some slowing growth in both the education and consumer markets, but all indicators suggest that demand for commercial PCs and laptops remains strong. We also believe that the consumer market will rebound in the near future. As a result, PC and laptop shipments were near record levels in the first quarter.”

The sharpest decline in the first quarter of the year was recorded by HP, with a drop of up to 17.8{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172} market share. On the other hand, ASUS recorded a growth of 17.7{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172}, with market share increasing from 5.6{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172} in Q1 2021 to 6.9{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172} in the same quarter of this year.

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