Russia Bans Officials From Using Apple Products, Accusing U.S. Intelligence Agencies Of Spying On iPhones

The Russian Federal Security Service claimed in June this year that it had exposed US intelligence agencies using Apple products for espionage.

The Federal Security Service pointed out that thousands of iPhones were infected by surveillance software, including those of Russian diplomats stationed in NATO countries.

Although there was no real evidence, the Russian intelligence agency accused Apple of cooperating with US intelligence agencies and providing them with a series of tools.

Although Apple has denied the FSB’s accusation, emphasizing that it has never cooperated with any government to build a backdoor in any Apple product and will never do so in the future; the Russian government has begun to prohibit employees from using Apple devices on official business.

The Financial Times reported that the Russian trade department banned the use of iPhones for official business, and other agencies, including the Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media, have also announced or are implementing similar bans.

The Times said that the ban covers all Apple products and cannot be used in work-related situations, while personal use is not restricted.

Engadget believe that the deep meaning of this ban on Apple products is that the Russian government hopes to reduce its dependence on foreign technology. Or before, migrate to homegrown software.

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