“Super Mario Bros. The Movie” Overtakes “Frozen”, Becomes The Second Highest-grossing Animated Film In History

“Super Mario Bros. The Movie”, which was adapted from the classic game of the same name by Nintendo, was very popular after its release. Tentative)” and other film history records.

It is worth noting that, according to the latest data, “Super Mario Bros. The Movie” has successfully surpassed Disney’s 2013 movie “Frozen” record ($1.284 billion) with a box office of 1.288 billion US dollars, becoming the highest-grossing movie in history Animation ranks second, only 165 million away from the champion “Magic Snow 2 Frozen II”.

It is also worth mentioning that among the top 10 highest-grossing cartoons in movie history, only Mario is a Japanese-American joint venture, and the others are American movies, which shows that Mario is quite popular with fans all over the world.

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