FBI Creates New Cryptocurrency Unit To Fight Cybercrime

As we all know, virtual currency will definitely be a hot topic in 2021, and many ordinary people and even business leaders are involved in it.

Virtual currency is an opportunity for many people to make money, but some people with bad intentions take the opportunity to launder money, and some even use hacking technology to steal virtual currency.

In response, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has created a new unit responsible for blockchain analysis and virtual asset seizures, with Eun Young Choi leading its cryptocurrency enforcement team.

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco announced her appointment at the Munich Cybersecurity Conference, saying she will crack down on cybercrime.

It is worth mentioning that the FBI issued an industry-wide warning to cryptocurrency holders as early as last year, saying that cybercriminals used technology support fraud, SIM card hijacking and other techniques to target cryptocurrency users, exchanges and third parties in the virtual asset industry. The third-party payment platform is targeted to obtain the victim’s cryptocurrency.

In June last year, FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbott pointed out at a news conference that the FBI blocked the e-wallet of the hacker of the computers of the pipeline company Colonial Pipeline in early May, and extracted a bitcoin ransom worth $2.3 million.

Previously, hackers breached the Colonial pipeline’s computers, demanding $4.4 million to restore access to the data. In December, the FBI confiscated $180 million worth of bitcoin linked to a SonyLife embezzlement case.

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