Google Launches Online Calculator Which Can Also Be Used On Apple iPads Without Pre-installed Calculator App

we know that Apple does not pre-install the calculator application in the iPad. While users can download third-party calculator apps from the App Store, it seems very reasonable for Apple to launch a calculator app for the iPad since iPadOS is so focused on productivity.

In addition to downloading third-party calculator apps, Google now offers a solution to bring a calculator to the iPad. Google’s solution for calculators on the iPad came in the form of a web app, not a standalone app.

The calculator requires the user to be online to use it, but once the calculator web application is loaded in the browser, the user can continue to use it offline.

Global Sprout learned that Google’s online calculator works with any browser at and can be added to the iPad’s home screen by clicking the share button.

Now that Apple sells the iPad as a computer, it seems very appropriate to provide it with a calculator app, so continue to look forward to Apple’s official iPad calculator app.

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