Tesla FSD Beta Crash Recorded For The First Time, Hits Road Post

According to electrek reports, a Tesla car using the fully self-driving FSD Beta version was caught on video hitting a road post, which may be the first incident on the FSD Beta version.

Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed that Tesla’s FSD beta version has not had an accident in more than a year of the program. Although Model Y owners in the FSD Beta claimed in a complaint to NHTSA that the system caused the crash, the complaint could not be substantiated.

Now, we have an empirical example of an FSD Beta accident. An FSD Beta driver of AI Addict posted a new video on Youtube of the car hitting a road post protecting the bike lane

Although it was a minor accident with only a little paint scratched, it was an accident. However, Tesla is not responsible for the FSD Beta.

It’s considered an early version of Tesla’s Autopilot software and is currently being tested through its “safety test scores.”

Global Sprout itself learned that the video was shot in downtown San Jose, using FSD Beta version 10.10 (2021.44.30.15). The driver can be seen trying to correct the trajectory when the vehicle is about to hit a road post, but it is too late.

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