Hands-on iPhone 15 Pro Max Model: Ultra-narrow Bezel, Type-C Interface

A few days ago, Unbox Therapy released the iPhone 15 Pro Max model to get started. There are many details, including ultra-narrow bezels, Type-C interface, and body size.

We don’t know if the machine model that Unbox Therapy got came from China. The first thing that was taken out of the packaging bag was the instruction manual of the Yangzi brand handheld ironing machine.

The measurement data shows that the front frame (black border) of the iPhone 15 Pro Max model is 1.57mm, which can be said to be quite narrow. The body width is 76.66mm and the thickness is 8.37mm.

Compared with the previously leaked CAD data, the measurements of the iPhone 15 Pro Max are 159.86mm*76.73mm*8.25mm, with a 1.55mm frame, which is basically not bad. In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro Max model is already a Type-C interface, replacing the ten-year-old Lightning interface.

In terms of details, the model seems to be a frosted titanium alloy middle frame, and the toggle mute button is also replaced with a push button.

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