Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra / S26 Ultra / S27 Ultra Phone Camera Specifications Leaked

According to the information disclosed by the source RGcloudS, the Galaxy S24 Ultra launched by Samsung early next year will follow the design of the S23 Ultra, and will also continue to use the existing 200-megapixel main camera without introducing too much change.

The Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will adopt a new design. In the news, it also shared the specifications of the Galaxy S26 Ultra and Galaxy S27 Ultra mobile phones. Global Sprout broke the news according to the tweets. The summary is as follows:

Galaxy S25 Ultra specs:

  • New design
  • QHD+ 120 UDR2000
  • Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • dynamic refresh rate
  • Dynamic Flicker Rate
  • UDR recording and decoding
  • DDR6 12nm
  • UFS 5.0 Xtreme-2 236
  • 208MP HP5 1/1.3 main camera
  • Increased light input by 12{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172}
  • 4X Better AF > Super QPD
  • Viz 44D

Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra specifications:

  • QHD+ 180 UDR2000
  • Dynamic AMOLED 3X
  • Dynamic refresh rate from 1Hz to 180Hz
  • Dynamic flicker rate: 240 to 1440
  • {native 120+60 fuzzy red}
  • 32-bit seamless codec
  • Upgraded HP5 main camera sensor
  • Added 8K60FPS HDR video recording
  • UFS 5.1 Xtreme-2 256
  • DDR6X 10nm
  • 8K|24 UDR video recording

Samsung Galaxy S27 Ultra specifications:

  • New design
  • 4K 180 UDR2500
  • Dynamic AMOLED 3X
  • Dynamic Refresh, Dynamic Flicker Rate, Dynamic Resolution
  • 8K|60 UDR video recording
  • DDR6X 10nm
  • 324MP HR1 main camera, 1/1.12 outsole
  • Hexa²
  • The amount of light entering is more than the current 1-inch outsole
  • Ultra PD Plus, 2x faster autofocus
  • Metallens <0.2mm
  • RemovedUW
  • Full ISOCELL
  • Lithium SCN battery.

For more detailed revelations about Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra, Galaxy S26 Ultra, and Galaxy S27 Ultra mobile phones, you can visit RGcloudS‘ tweets.

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