Samsung Patents A Smartphone With A Rotating And Retractable Camera

Samsung Patents A Smartphone With A Rotating And Retractable Camera

Samsung has patented another version of the multi-module camera for smartphones: a description of the solution is available on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Resource LetsGoDigital in partnership with Concept Creator has published renders of the device, created on the basis of patent documents. The illustrations give an idea of the construction of the device.

Samsung is considering using a dedicated pan/tilt camera. This unit will combine three optical components with image sensors and a flash. The module is located in the back of the case.

If it is necessary to organize video telephony or take self-portraits, the unit will rotate 180 degrees and partially extend from the body. As a result, one of the optical components will be in front – above the top of the case.

It is noted that the operation of the system is fully automated: small electric motors are used to set the entire mechanism in motion in accordance with the user’s commands.

Such a design will save the display from a cutout or hole by implementing a completely frameless design with a large front panel coverage area (more than 90{9fa2ae831048424756faedea87f44870cd2ea6d09bcfab62eb5dabc6b233e172}).

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether Samsung is going to release a smartphone with the described camera to the commercial market.

Source: Letsgodigital

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