Robotic Taxis Appears On Chinese Roads

Robotic Taxis Appears On Chinese Roads

Truly unmanned robotic taxis have appeared on the roads of China. AutoX was the first in the country to offer autonomous vehicle rides without drivers behind the wheel.

One can use the opportunity to travel in such a robotic taxi after registering in the AutoX pilot program launched in Shenzhen. To serve passengers, a modified Chrysler Pacifica is used, in which you can travel around the city without the presence of a driver in the cockpit.

As in the case of the Waymo One robotic taxi service, the passenger will be able to contact support representatives if they have questions or need help.

After months of stress testing, AutoX is now looking to demonstrate the capabilities of its robotaxi under real-world conditions.

The video above shows a self-driving car driving around vehicles parked at the side of the road, allowing pedestrians to cross the road, and driving through an unregulated intersection.

Chrysler Pacifica’s autonomous driving system uses cameras, lidars, and radar for orientation on the road, combined with smart algorithms.

Driverless robotic taxis are still rare. For a wider distribution of such services, it will be necessary not only to improve technologies, but also to introduce changes in the rules of the road, taking into account the use of self-driving cars.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the risk of taxi rides, making robotic taxis one of the safest travel options for people without a car.

Source: Engadget

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