LG And Qualcomm To Jointly Create 5G Platform For Cars

LG And Qualcomm To Jointly Create 5G Platform For Cars

According to online sources, LG Electronics has reportedly teamed up with Qualcomm to develop a new hardware platform for next-generation connected vehicles.

This is a fifth generation (5G) mobile solution. Appropriate technology will provide high data rates and low latency, which is critical when it comes to vehicles with self-driving capabilities and advanced driver assistance functions.

The main goal of the initiative is said to be the development of reliable connected vehicles with smart capabilities and location-based systems.

It is assumed that specialists from other well-known companies will assist in the implementation of the project. Among them are the Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE and the German manufacturer of tires and auto components Continental AG.

It should be noted that LG and Qualcomm already have experience of cooperation in the automotive field. For example, in 2019, the parties entered into an agreement providing for the creation of a new generation of car infotainment platform using webOS Auto.

Source: Gizmochina

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