iOS 17 Will Add New Features For The Lock Screen, Apple Music And More

We’re starting to get a clearer picture of what new features might come with iOS 17 this year.

A new post on Weibo claims that the next update will include changes to the iPhone lock screen, new features for Apple Music and more.


  • Control Center UI changes;
  • Support for categories and other organizational features for the App Library;
  • The ability to display Apple Music lyrics directly on the lock screen;
  • Updates to the Apple Music UI that reduces the amount of text in favor of new images and graphics;
  • Support for sharing custom lock screens with other people, presumably similar to existing support for sharing Apple Watch faces;
  • More lock screen customization options for fonts, emoji backgrounds, and “other features”;
  • The flashlight brightness slider can be adjusted freely, like the volume slider. Currently, the brightness of the flashlight can only be set to three pre-configured settings.

None of the changes listed above would be revolutionary, but they are significant improvements nonetheless. This is nothing new, as several leakers have previously claimed that iOS 17 will be an update focused on stability and performance improvements.

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